Acumatica Software Factory

Acumatica Software Factory is a OnepartnerIT service, whose mission is Software Development and on the Cloud XRP Platform, to what Acumatica’s client partners need, following specifications with high quality, using best practices, procedures, and standards.

Each phase of the Factory becomes a service to our clients such as Analysis, Architecture, Design, Development, Testing (QA) (QC) and Documentation.

We serve Acumatica partners worldwide.


  • Since The Cloud xRP Platform is a versatile architectural framework and application development platform that allows developers to easily customize the way their customers do business. Because Acumatica’s ERP platform technology uses standard web technologies and development languages, you can modify your business logic using the platform’s tools or a separate integrated development environment.
  • The Acumatica Cloud xRP platform is based on the best cloud and mobile technology in the world. It provides the tools to reimagine business applications for an interconnected world. It also enables ‘xRP’, a mission to unlock the business potential of Acumatica-powered companies, where ‘x’ represents any company, large or small, regardless of geography or industry.
  • The Acumatica Cloud xRP platform enables developers and software companies to accelerate the market, significantly reduce costs and offer a SaaS offering at scale without compromise.
  • Additionally, there are platforms that allow the development of more advantages and that make the medium-sized company achieve its objectives in more optimal ways. This platform is Acumatica CloUd Xrp. The main tools that this platform has are:
    • Role Based Security: Allows a company to provide access to selected data in Acumatica based on the role of individual users within the company. This makes it more secure and allows users to see only the information they want.
    • Mobile Frame – Ideal for employees who travel or work remotely and need to control time and expenses wherever they are. The xRP Mobile Framework is designed so that whatever you can do on the web you can do on any web-enabled device (laptops, tablets, phones).
    • Built-in Automated Workflows – Allows the business to configure the ERP system to automatically trigger an approval request, send an alert, or email. This is found in Acumatica because it is integrated into the xRP platform


The factory software concept improves development productivity by using:

  • Reusable and quickly adaptable components
  • Productivity and performance metrics
  • Agile development methodologies
  • Continuous improvement of the service

Advantages and benefits

  • Elasticity: Use the services of the Acumatica Software Factory on demand.
  • Quality: Maximizes quality in the work done.
  • Speed: Obtains greater speed and agility in development.
  • Service agility: Eliminates the need to make several contracts or proposals.
  • Risks: When warranted, it eliminates labor risks and reduces the cost of labor liabilities.
  • Investment: Eliminate investment processes in equipment and physical location.
  • Agile Integration: You obtain an agile integration of work teams based on the number of requirements and characteristics of your projects.
  • Experts: Get experienced professionals on the Xrp platform.
  • Costs: Decreases the time and costs for the maintenance of developments on Acumatica.

Service Activities

ONEPARTNERIT has a structured process for project management in its xrp Software Factory.

For this work, it has the contribution of a group of specialists in each of the areas, in charge of completing the software development cycle.

The Client may contract the Comprehensive Services of the Software Factory, where the entire cycle of project development is completed, or in turn may make use of one of the factory’s specialization lines.

There is greater productivity and quality in projects, when processes and the flow of activities are clearly defined and have best practices.

Software Factory Team

  • Business functional analyst
  • Process engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Technical Analyst
  • Software architect
  • Senior Developers and
  • Developers
  • Testing Specialist
  • Version Manager
  • Documenter

Management model

Through the experience gained in these years, we have compiled the best of the latest trends in the development process methodology software and they are applied in each phase of the Software Factory, which has a defined system, entrenched in recognized standards in the market.


  • For project management we rely on the guidelines of the PMI standards.
  • For the definition of the development architecture we rely on SOA guidelines.
  • For the development of systems in the agile methodology, we rely on the MSF methodology with Scrum.
  • For safe development we will follow the ISO 27002 guidelines.
  • For exchange control, risk control, we apply certain guidelines given by the ITIL standard
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